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Hotel Metropole à Boulogne-sur-mer


Wonderfully situated in the heart of Boulogne sur Mer, the Hôtel Métropole has been fitted out to accommodate a clientèle in search of a traditional hostelry and a selected site.
Close to the upper town’s medieval ramparts and the seaside, the Hôtel Métropole is the perfect point of departure for shopping and visiting. The National Sea Centre, called Nausicaà, is only a few minutes away from the hotel.

In a traditional and elegant setting, M. and Mme Lejeune, together with the whole staff, make your stay be an authentic and privileged moment by revealing the Hôtel Métropole’s charms.
The town centre : From the Quai Gambetta, which has been developed into a pleasant promenade, there is an unbroken view over the port within the town. Having walked through the semipedestrian streets of the shopping centre, visitors arrive in the Place Dalton in front of Church of St Nicholas. It is here that the colourful and bustling market takes place every Wenesday and Saturday morning.

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Hotel 3 etoiles Boulogne-sur-mer

Patron saint of sailors, St Nicholas very early on gave his name to this parish situated close to the port. The façade of the building was reworked in the 18th century but parts of the choir date from the 13th century making this the oldest religious building in Boulogne...

The Place Dalton is dominated by the Church of St Nicholas and vibrates to the sounds of the colourful and bustling market, which takes place here every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Around the outside and in the little 'rue du Doyen' numerous restaurants contribute to the hustle and bustle of the town centre.

Hotel Metropole à Boulogne-sur-mer

Hotel located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, close to the port and the beach. Ideally located in the heart of the downtown shops.
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